Ultra Fine Pigment Preparations Nano Pigment Dispersions For Inks,Paints,Coatings,Wood Stains,Etc.
Ultra Fine Pigment Dispersions Water Based Solvent Based UV Monomer Based
Dispersions For Digital Inks Inkjet Inks Nano dispersed pigment dispersions for digital inks,inkjet inks,eco solvent inks,dye sublimation inks,UV curable inks.
Nano Pigment Dispersions For Paints & Coatings Ultra fine pigment preparations for paints & coatings,wood stains,metallic paints,UV coatings.

Jetcolour is dedicated in producing nano dispersed ultra fine pigment dispersions & preparations for inks, paints & coatings. Jetcolour's ultra fine pigment preparations are widely used in making printing inks,digital inks,dye sublimation inks,industrial paints,coatings,wood stains,furniture paints,floor coatings,stone coatings,cement coatings,glass coatings,plastic coatings,paper coatings,metallic coatings,coil coatings,UV inkjet inks,UV coatings,latex colors,detergent colors,etc.

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