Colorants For Digital Inkjet Inks

Aqueous Nano Pigment Dispersions

Aqueous nano pigment dispersions are high performance pigments dispersed in aqueous system with ultra fine particle size and high transparency. Jetcolour JCW water based nano pigments can be used in making digital inkjet inks with excellent lightfastness and water resistance.

 Product Code  Color  C.I.Number  Ave.Particle Size  Pigment Content
JCW-White-6   Pigment White 6 <100nm 40%
 JCW-Black-709    Pigment Black 7  <100nm  20%
 JCW-Blue-154    Pigment Blue 15:4  <100nm  20%
 JCW-Red-122    Pigment Red 122  <100nm  20%
 JCW-Yellow-74    Pigment Yellow 74  <100nm  20%
 JCW-Yellow-180    Pigment Yellow 180  <100nm  20%

Concentrated Inkjet Dyes

Concentrated inkjet dyes are salt free inkjet dye solutions that are semi-finished inkjet inks. Concentrated inkjet dyes are pre-filtered for making inkjet inks compatible with thermal printhead as well as piezoelectric printhead printers including Epson,HP,Lexmark,Brother printers. Users only need add pure water and additives to dilute the concentrated dyes to make inks.

 Product Code  Color  C.I.Number  Ave.Particle Size  Pigment Content
 JCD-Black    NA  <100nm  20%
 JCD-Cyan    NA  <100nm  20%
 JCD-Magenta    NA  <100nm  20%
 JCD-Yellow    NA  <100nm  20%

Eco Solvent Nano Pigment Dispersions

Eco solvent nano pigment disprsions are hgih performance pigments dispersed in enviromentally friendly solvents with ultra fine particle distribution and excellent ink stability.Eco solvent nano pigment dispresions are suitable for high resolution printer inks and some special coatings. Eco solvent nano pigment dispersions are specially suitable for making Epson DX printhead printer inks. Eco solvent nano pigment dispersions are also widely used in high quality paints & coatings.

 Product Code  Color  C.I.Number  Ave.Particle Size  Pigment Content  Solvent
 JES-Black-7    Pigment Black 7  <100nm  20%  Ester
 JEW-Blue-154    Pigment Blue 15:4  <100nm  20%  Ester
 JES-Red-122    Pigment Red 122  <100nm  20%  Ester
 JES-Yellow-180    Pigment Yellow 180  <100nm  20%  Ester

UV Monomer Nano Pigment Dispersions

UV monomer nano pigment dipsersions are pigment dispersed in low viscosity UV monomer system for use in making UV curable inkjet inks, 3D printing materials and UV coatings. Our UV monomer pigment dispersions are made of high performance nano pigment dispersions and low viscosity monomers that can meet the requirement of digital UV inkjet inks. UV monomer nano pigment dispersion can be used in digital UV inkjet inks,3D printing materials and some UV coatings.

 Product Code  Color  C.I.Number  Ave.Particle Size  Pigment Content
 JUV-Black-7    Pigment Black 7  <100nm  20%
 JUV-Blue-154    Pigment Blue 15:4  <100nm  20%
 JUV-Red-122    Pigment Red 122  <100nm  20%
 JUV-Yellow-180    Pigment Yellow 180  <100nm  20%

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