Nano Colorants For Paints,Coatigns & Wood Stains


Nano Pigments For Wood Stains,Furniture Paints

Due to the poor lightfastness and weather resistance,dyes are more and more replaced by nano pigment dispersions in coloring wood stains,furniture paints. Jetcolour has developed a series of nano dispersed pigments for use in wood stains,marble stone coatings,furniture paints,etc. The pigment dispersions have ultra fine particle size and excellent transparency for wood and stone coatings.

 Product Code  C.I.Number  Color  Pigment Content TDS
 JCW-White-6  Pigment White 6   40%  
 JCW-Black-7  Pigment Black 7   20%  
 JCW-Red-101  Pigment Red 101   40%  
 JCW-Yellow-42 Pigment Yellow 42   40%  
JCW-Blue-154 Pigment Blue 15:4   40%  
JCW-Green-7 Pigment Green 7   40%  
 JCW-Brown-6 Pigment Brown 6    40%  

Nano Pigments For Industrial Paints & Coatings

Nano pigment dispersions are also used in automotive coatings,industrial paints,electronic spare parts,plastic film linng,plastic finishing,paper coatings,etc. Nano pigment dispersions for paints & coatings have ultra fine particle distribution and good tinting strength. JNP type of nano pigment dispersions are available in both water based and ester solvent based system. OEM production is welcome.

 Product Code  C.I.Number  Color  Pigment Content  
 JNP-Black-7  Pigment Black 7   20%  
 JNPRed-101  Pigment Red 101   40%  
 JNP-Red-122  Pigment Red 122    20%  
 JNP-Red-146  Pigment Red 146    20%  
 JNP-Red-179  Pigment Red 179    20%  
 JNP-Red-202  Pigment Red 202    20%  
 JNP-Red-254  Pigment Red 254    20%  
 JNP-Yellow-42 Pigment Yellow 42   40%  
 JNP-Yellow-180  Pigment Yellow 180    20%  
 JNP-Blue-153  Pigment Blue 15:3    20%  
 JNP-Blue-154  Pigment Blue 15:4    20%  
 JNP-Blue-60  Pigment Blue 60    20%  
 JNP-Green-7  Pigment Green 7    20%  
 JNP-Orange-36  Pigment Orange 36    20%  
 JNP-Brown-6 Pigment Brown 6    40%  
 JNP-Violet-19  Pigment Violet 19    20%  
 JNP-Violet-23  Pigment Violet 23    20%  

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