Dye Subilmation Ink Colorants

Sublimation Inkjet Colorants

Sublimation inkjet inks are also know as dye sublimation inks that are made from nano grade disperse dye dispersions.Jetcolour's sublimation inkjet colorants are widely used in making dye sublimation inks for inkjet printing polyester and nylon fabrics. With dye sublimation inkjet colorants,users can easily dilute it into sublimation inks without complicated technology and equipments. Jetcolour's sublimation inkjet colorants have very fine particle size and super wide color gamut.

 Product Code  Color  Ave.Particle Size  Dye Content
 JSUB-Black    <100nm  30%
 JSUB-Cyan    <100nm  30%
 JSUB-Magenta    <100nm  30%
 JSUB-Yellow    <100nm  30%

How To Make Dye Sublimation Inks?

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